Corregidor Friends visit the Rock 2018-02-13 to 16

EXO from Corregidor Forum web page organized it and 7 people mustered and enjoyed our trip. This presentation of 24 images is just like a list of what we did or saw as noteworthy on Corregidor

Za805. The Geary Trail, the culvert in the main tributary ravine is washed out.

Za806. The east NCO Quarters of the 3 NCO Quarters structures Topside on Corregidor, just about had it.

Za807. The radio building and 1 of the 4 Radio tower bases, Topside on Corregidor.

Za808. The planted trees between Freedom Café and Skipper Hill are ok, this is the dry season.

This is only my first page about visiting Corregidor but I have visited Corregidor 55 times now. In the Corregidor Forum I have presented many of my trips with pictures on this thread, and this URL is page 5 of the thread. This is the URL click here.

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