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A Piercing Blow: The Aerial Attack on the USS Arizona

– Zo972. One of several images about the USS Arizona Relic exhibit, newly displayed in March 2020, at the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor. It is a charred section of the ship’s main deck framing on the port side of the ship. Rusted and oil-stained, it is part of the […]

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Battery Arizona walk 8th April 2020

Zo417. One of 7 images of what Battery Arizona was, where it is and two URLs that give you the history and what it looks like now, the picture came from this URL, click here: —————————————- I was not able to enter Battery Arizona but that was not on my plan and I did not […]

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Road to War, WWII, Pacific, Exhibit, part 04

Zo070. One of several images of the Road to War Exhibit at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center which is part of the Pearl Harbor National Memorial. This part #4 album has 33 images. Subjects are the Pacific Fleet, Road to War Exhibit at the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center, Pearl Harbor National Memorial, Road to War-WWII-Pacific, […]

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