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First day on Corregidor 2021, Feb. 15th pg. 1 of 2.

Zf225; that is where I make my left turn coming from the right on from the Roman Bataan Express way and enter the old National Road. Villa Carmen is to the right, about 1 km from here, just before Death March Marker Km Stone 15. It seems to be threatened by road construction/widening. —————————————————- When […]

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Stockade Level, Fort Mills, Shelters, Bunker etc, 2019-04-07

Z188. This is an Army prewar aerial image of the Stockade level of Corregidor Island. This picture was provided by Karl Schmidt, a leader in the Coastal Defense Study Group organization (cdsg.org) who got it from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). —————————————— On the Stockade Level is plenty to see, it had plenty […]

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