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Battery Grubbs

Zg717. 110329h Battery Grubbs & Family. See, I even brought my family to Corregidor, this is my asawa (spouse in English) and she poses at No 2 Gun of Battery Grubbs, this was on the 29th of March 2011. ————————————————- Battery Grubbs was a 10 Inch Coast Artillery Battery with 2 guns on Corregidor. The […]

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Corregidor News as of 2021-12-15 until 2022-12-31

Zf455. This is the location of the Corregidor Foundation INC office at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex in Manila. Corregidor News from, for this time period. ——————————————— A visit to the Corregidor Foundation Inc. visit on the 15th Dec. 2021. I wanted to try out my new car and the Skyway and […]

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