Category: Subic Bay Historic

Historic Pictures of the Subic Bay area, pre and post WWII, including Olongapo Town, US Naval Reservation, Olongapo Naval Station, USMC Post Olongapo, Naval Station Subic Bay, USMC Barracks Naval Station Subic Bay and later the conversion to the Naval Base Subic Bay.

Subic Bay WWII

Zc720. Olongapo Leatherneck Post in 1941, this is an International News Photo; descriptions are in the next image. I received this photo from my USMC friend Bert Caloud. This pictures show the Spanish Gate and the barracks on the North West side of the gate. The resident units may be assigned to Officers or NCOs. […]

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Subic Bay pre WWII

Zc697. This is the Spanish Gate or West Gate of the Naval Station Olongapo. We are looking west; going thru that gate takes you to the Naval Reservation Town of Olongapo. We don’t have a date for this picture but it must be pre war. That looks like garden and landscaping in front of residential […]

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Subic Bay Post WWII

Zc690. The U.S. Naval Station Subic Bay in 1950, I certainly recognize the mountains behind Olongapo. Left are Kalaklan Ridge and a little right of center we are looking into the Gordon Heights Valley. This picture was provided by Bert Caloud in 2015. —————————- These are Subic Bay historical pictures I have received from my […]

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