Relentless Hope: A True Story of War and Survival, by David L. Britt

Zf192.  Relentless Hope: A True Story of War and Survival, by David L. Britt, this is the front cover.

A new book about Army Lt. Britt serving in Fort Wint, (Grande Island in Subic Bay) and in the Battle of Bataan during WWII. He also survived three Hell Ships and being a POW in the merciless hands of the Japanese Imperial Army.

Zf194. 1941 Olongapo, Chet Britt Sr. at the Olongapo Fleet Boat Landing and Waiting Shed. It looks like the Army Coastal Defense Force of Fort Wint on Grande Island in Subic Bay used the same boat landing area as the US Fleet in the Olongapo US Naval Station. This image was provided by John Duresky.

The printed book is now available Relentless Hope: A True Story of War and Survival by David L Britt, with John Duresky and Vickie Graham  ISBN 978-1-09838-539-2     It’s online for pre-sale print-on-demand, and you need to pre-order to get a copy printed and shipped to you.  It won’t be until the box vendors see a good sales volume that they will order paper copies for display and sale in stores.

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Zf193. Relentless Hope: A True Story of War and Survival, by David L. Britt, this is the back cover.

The Army Lt. Chester K. Britt Research Team had contacted Corregidor Forum members for information about Fort Wint, Grande Island, Olongapo, Bataan and Corregidor. We helped them and they shared some of their research finds with us which some of it is already posted in the Corregidor Forum.

The people of the Army Lt. Chester K. Britt Research Team are:

First are Dave Britt, LTC USAF (Ret), son of Chester K Britt, Vickie Graham CMSGT USAF (Ret), and John Duresky. They all graduated from Logan High School in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1967, and are doing it as a team. Chester Britt graduated from Logan in 1933 and his mother Grace in 1934. Dave wrote most of the manuscript, John editing what he wrote and doing most of the research, and Vickie is the final editor with about 20 years of professional writing in her resume, largely with Airman Magazine.

They have finished the book about Army Lt. Chester K. Britt now!

In the forum, previously, we have uploaded their intention to write this book at this page, POW/MIA, Army Lt. Chester K. Britt, Hell Ship Oryoku Maru, click here:

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