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Full stories of WWII in album form and not just tidbits!

Images of Gen MacArthur. No 1.

– Zd033. A screen shot of Gen. MacArthur in a You Tube video during the era of the Bonus March. Curtesy of the Gen. MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk VA. ——————————————- These first 13 images of Gen. MacArthur during the era of the Bonus March. The MacArthur Memorial created a film about the eviction of the […]

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West Point Class of 1940, some information.

– Zd019. General Douglas MacArthur Address at West Point – “Duty, Honor, Country” from Valorous TV, Home of the Uncommon Valor, click here: His famous farewell speech, there not too many things that were not touched by Gen MacArthur! ————————————————– T hese pictures are from John Duresky, who is a member of the Army Lt. […]

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