Category: Villa Verde Trail

Villa Verde Trail, this is a sub category of my North Luzon Category. The Villa Verde Trail was used by the 32nd Inf. Div. to break thru the Salacsac Passes of the Villa Verde Trail in WWII. It was a savage battle with many casualties on both sides. Before that it was a foot trail used by the people to communicate between the Pangasinan and Nueva Viscaya Provinces. In 2017 a serious effort was started to build a two lane highway thru the two provinces. I have visited and explored it many times!

Malico Village Museum

Za474. At the Malico Village Museum on the Villa Verde Trail is a WWII Japanese Artillery piece. -It is about 20 km from Santa Fe, Nueva Viscaya to the Malico Village at the Salacsac Passes and I noticed this sign about of the points of interest in Malico Village. The road, except for ½ km […]

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