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Pearl Harbor History!

Ze883. This is a commemoration plaque of the ex-Pearl Harbor Coaling Station. This picture was shot on the 24th Dec. 2019 and is uploaded here in high resolution in the Flickr album below. ——————————————————- Walked around Pearl Harbor on the 24th Dec. 2019 and took these 8 pictures and uploaded them to this existing Flickr […]

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USS Utah BB-31 and its Memorial

Ze662. This is a WW One picture of the USS Utah BB-31 from Wikipedia. This is the URL, click here or copy and paste it: ————————————————– The USS Utah BB-31 was ones a proud ship but is resting now at Ford Island in Pearl Harbor as a War Grave Site and WWII Memorial. On […]

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USS Oklahoma BB-37 Memorial

——————————————- Ze650. This is the USS Oklahoma BB-37 Battle Ship Memorial on Ford Island in Pearl Harbor. When you stand at the gate of the USS Missouri Memorial you have this view of the USS Oklahoma Memorial. ——————————————- I read that the USS Oklahoma Memorial existed but I had no idea how it looked. On […]

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First Shots of WWII in the Pacific and a mini submarine sunk!

Ze626. This plaque Commemorates the USS Ward firing the first shot on the 7th Dec. 1941 and sinking an Imperial Japanese Mini Submarine. It is located at Bishop Point, at the entrance of Pearl Harbor. ————————————————————— On the 7th Oct. 2019 I visited the Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit One (MDSU-1) at Bishop Point, located […]

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Disabled American Veterans Park (DAV) in Honolulu in 2019

Disabled American Veterans Park (DAV) in Honolulu in 2019 Ze594. This is a view of the Keehe Lagoon Beach Park from the elevated H1 Highway. The DAV Park is part of it and is left or east of it. ———————————— This album also has some shot from the Keehe Lagoon Beach Park and some scenic […]

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Fort Barrette in Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii.

Ze523. Battery Hatch West of Fort Barrette in Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii. ————————————————- Fort Barrette is now located in Kapolei where the town has been rapidly developed by new residents these days. The fort had Battery Hatch inside armed with two 16-inch Mk II guns. The gun emplacement can be seen on the hill from the […]

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