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I have visited Corregidor many times, with friends or by myself because it is such a HISTORIC PLACE. It is now the home of the Pacific War Memorial and there and many ruins, artillery batteries and other sites to see. It is a very SOLEM and IMPRESSIVE place to reflect on the history of our two nations, the Philippines and the US.

2018 April Visit to Corregidor

2018 April visit to Corregidor My visit was 2 days long, 6th to 8th April 2018; I left early on the 8th. The purpose was to meet friends from the Valor Tour organization and a former Peace Corps Volunteer. I generated 13 subject albums such one of the Philippine Veterans Week. This 14th Album is […]

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Corregidor Friends visit the Rock 2018-02-13 to 16

EXO from Corregidor Forum web page organized it and 7 people mustered and enjoyed our trip. This presentation of 24 images is just like a list of what we did or saw as noteworthy on Corregidor Za805. The Geary Trail, the culvert in the main tributary ravine is washed out. Za806. The east NCO Quarters […]

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